Below you will find all of the digital assets that could not be fully experienced in the pages of the print book. This content includes animations, process videos, and links to additional resources. We hope you enjoy these materials and that they inspire you to delve deeper into the world of Media Arts in your class.


PART 3: Film, Animation & Game Design

Who is an American?

Click the links below to access more great resources on digital storytelling.

Are We Living in a Brave New World?


Check out these seven videos by media arts students exploring rotoscoping animation techniques.

The GIF Project

Check out the GIFs in motion from Kasmira Mohanty’s article.

PART 4: Virtual Reality, 3D Printing & Robotics

Let's Get Real

Check out these videos on augmented reality.

The Open Press Project

Wearable Works

Resources for designing 3D prints:

Experiential Art